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tv   Today  NBC  August 2, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. teasing hoda about her dress. >> do we match? >> is that chartreuse? if you know, let us know if that's chartreuse. i match hoda every day. >> i thought chartreuse was pinkish. >> that's what i thought. >> that's yellowish. thirsty thursday, everybody. it's august 1st. that's the good news and the bad news is we're to thursday. the bad news, august is here.
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>> one more solid month of summer and that's it. >> but that's okay because -- >> why? >> because simon cowell is going to be a daddy. daddio. >> good news and bad news. >> he has -- >> i guess is the way you say it. >> both new york papers. the interesting thing isn't so much that he was with a girl and she's pregnant. it's that the girl happens to be one of -- >> one of his friend's wives. and apparently they're separated and have been separated for a while. did you hear that or no? >> i hear some people are saying they have been separated for a while. other people saying no, they just recently separated when the husband found out. that's andrew silverman, her real estate developer husband. so i don't know which is true, hoda. i just work here. >> of course you do. but you know the news. what's weird is they all went on vacation together, which is always -- >> i have done that many times, hoda, and not come back pregnant with somebody else's baby. it is possible, even in today's world. sources told "u.s. weekly" --
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>> "us weekly." >> oh, yeah. in the united states. i do that all the time with jill martin. u.s. to me means us. united nations -- i mean united states. lauren and andrew have been unhappy in their marriage for some time. and their divorce has been in the works for a while. >> yep. >> so of course we reached out to simon. >> yes, we did. and we got a big fat no comment. >> nothing, nada, which none of us would have expected anything different. he's usually a very private guy and said he'd never marry and -- >> he never wanted kids. >> having children, unless they can come fully grown at -- by the age -- at the age of 10. you know what he admits about himself in he says i'm all into me, i do what i want to do on my schedule and i please myself and he admits it at least. >> he sure does. he was the brains behind the one direction phenomenon. he put these five kids together. >> and "x factor" and so many other things. very, very wealthy guy from all of it. >> these one direction kids, by the way, there's a whole
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dust-up over these kids. >> i know. i'm going to lose sleep over this. >> "gq london." okay? >> are you sure it's not us or u.s. something? >> gq london" decided they were going to do a cover -- five separate covers, one with each one of the kids. that sounds great, right? so to tease it they wrote like a one-liner about each one of the kids in the september issue. and fans took umbrage. >> here's what they wrote about harry. this is what they said about harry, the favorite. they said, "he's up all night to get lucky." listen to this song. i picked it last week. ♪ we're up all night he's up all night to get lucky. the fans took -- they were very upset and they decided to just avalanche a bunch of tweets on gq. we couldn't even find tweets we could mention on the air. >> these are young people doing that. >> they were livid. >> let's read some of them. >> let's see the ones we could read. >> you know how much i love this story. "gq, i will come over there and
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personally slaughter you, okay?" lovely. "i'm getting my butcher knife and i'm going to have a little talk with the people at gq." >> how about this one? i'll blank you up, gq. "i swear you messed with the wrong people." >> these are kids. these are kids posting this stuff. >> what was so offensive about the song? >> that's a lyric from his own song. >> not his but somebody else's. >> oh, somebody else's? i thought it was one of their songs. >> no. >> well, then i get it. then i understand why they are so -- >> upset? >> bleep upset. who are these kids' parents? >> the kids who are tweeting? >> yes. >> i don't know. but "gq" magazine -- >> is that the way you're supposed to vent your feelings, this way? >> you're right. "gq" posted a statement and said while most were positive and some less so, a few frankly had us fearing for our lives. just goes to show hell hath no fury like a directioner scorned. the fans are called directioners. >> i just got over the bieber people.
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what are they called, beliebers? i'm too old. you know why mostly? i don't give a rip. it all sounds like it's like junior high school garbage. do you know how many years ago i was in junior high school? do the math, honey. and you know? just nobody's growing up anymore. and becoming like solid model citizens who play -- who pay -- who play nicely, who go on vacation with their friends and don't knock up the wife. you know? who actually pay their bills and go to church and their mosques and their rabbis and god bless you and they don't have to go on social media and share every thought and every picture of their kid's doo-doo and everything else with the world who, guess what, is thinking, i don't care. keep your kids -- [ applause ] >> let's just live here. let's just afterglow. this is so -- this is a moment. this is a moment.
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we've hit a nerve. >> that felt good. >> didn't it? that felt cleansing. you did something right there. you had a moment, and it was good. >> well, it won't happen again. so do agree, this is upsetting to you and to me too. this is a gentleman we know. >> drew brees is the quarterback of the saints. he's one of the most upstanding guys -- >> new orleans saints. >> yeah. on the planet. he is my make-believe boyfriend and a really, really, really great guy. >> as opposed to blake who is your real one. >> i live in fantasy world. anyway, he went to a chinese takeout in l.a. and there was a bill for the takeout. he went to pick it up. >> it was not delivered. that's important. >> it was a $74 -- $74 bill. and he added a tip of $3 as -- he was picking it up. it wasn't like he sat down and had a meal. he gave the guy $3. >> for picking up the food in a bag and bringing it over to you. >> well, he was the delivery guy. drew was his own delivery guy. he showed up at the restaurant and got the food.
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so apparently a lot of people were like oh, my gosh, he's so cheap. so drew brees defended himself on twitter and said "in case anyone still cares about this report he said i tipped $3 on a takeout order. had we sat down it would have been more than 20%." >> of course. he's a very, very generous guy. you see all he does for charity. the restaurant rightly so later apologized that his receipt was made public. >> but here's a question for you. when you go to pick up a takeout order, do you tip or do you not tip? when you show up at the restaurant. >> if there's a container or something that says tips are appreciated, something, i throw in a few bucks just like he did. but otherwise, i think that is a service tip that you put on for service. and if you aren't -- if there is no service involved, i don't think it's necessary. it's a nice thing to do, but it's not required. >> i always tip the delivery guy obviously and the waiters and waitresses. and i think sometimes the waiters and waitresses share with the whole group, the cooks and the bus boys and everything, and sometimes in some restaurants they're the tips for the waiter or waitress doing -- >> you know what confused me,
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was going to italy where at this hotel we were at because i would always say is your gratuity included. and they would say no. and i -- so i went to the concierge and i said i'm confused because i'm seeing people just sign and nobody is adding. i said are tips even expected here? >> right, right. >> we're so tip oriented. everybody's got -- and rightfully so. it's part of our culture. he said, no. they don't expect it. i tipped everybody. no wonder they gave me a nice seat every place we went. >> if you have ever done a job and you haven't gotten tipped, i still remember when we used to deliver the "washington post." you deliver it for 30 days, show up at the door to get them -- ask them to pay for the month and they hand you like a buck and you came out in the rain in the snow. you put the paper in a plastic bag, you put it inside the screen door. so when -- >> the next month did you like throw it at the front porch? >> yeah, you go get it. get it yourself. >> that we also have in common.
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hoda and i have a lot of things in common. we both delivered the "washington post" for a while. >> we did. >> when i was much older -- younger. i am much older now. you have a birthday coming up. >> so do you. >> no, i don't. >> yes, you do. yours is bigger than mine. this is going to put you in the best mood. >> oh, no. >> let me tell you why, before we roll this. this ihoda has got a broadway theme. if "fiddler on the roof" -- >> which i love. my daddy's favorite musical. >> -- had been about a woman and gwen stefani had been the singer, this would be the song. >> those are two things that would have never happened. >> get ready. you're going to feel a little fiddler in a minute. ♪ nah, nah, nah, nah, nah >> so far i love the lyrics. >> i like to get you warmed up. >> i'm continuing to love the same lyric. ♪ nah, nah, nah, nah >> they are easy to learn. ready? here we go. ♪ if i were a rich girl
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na, na, na, na, na ♪ ♪ i have all the money in the world if i was a wealthy girl ♪ ♪ all over the world ♪ what ♪ what >> help me god. tevye is turning over in his grave. >> that was eve with gwen stefani. how was that song? >> awful. i hate it with all my broadway heart. >> come on. isn't that a little teeny bit of -- >> no. i loved the na, na, na thing. but when i realized it was the actual song from "fiddler on the roof" -- ♪ if i were a rich girl >> you are a rich girl, baby, in more ways than one. i'll never recover from that. >> is it okay -- >> i need some more applause. [ applause ] >> is it okay to take your kids on your honeymoon?
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>> oh, dear. we answered that, didn't we? >> it's your honeymoon. take your rabbi if you want. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> if you and your spouse agree, it's fine. but i'd have a babysitter on standby if you know what i mean. >> such a tramp. >> it's your honeymoon. >> hey, for the record, we didn't do those smooches. that was added in post. >> all right. >> i love to say that. that was added in post. >> this is important. our college counterparts -- >> oh, my lord. are we still doing it? >> we are looking for two counterparts that are like kathie and i. we want to meet you and we -- here's one of our submissions because we have a couple. >> we had two and this is one of them. >> this is kara from south dakota. and her friend halle. >> so last night i saw a tweet that said that you and i were just like kathie lee and hoda. >> yeah, that is so true. >> i know. like kathie lee and kara and
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hoda and hailey. >> we love to laugh. we love handsome men. we love to dance. we love to dress up. >> going to the beach. >> we love animals. >> and these are some of our favorites. >> what cuties. >> and we love to travel. >> we're ready to go. >> we're some fun women. >> you know what? they are adorable. let's just give it to them now. since there's only one other and i haven't seen it. i vote for them. >> we are accepting submissions until 11:59 tonight eastern time. all right. so, by the way, we have a crack research team. >> one person. >> joanne and amanda. >> two. >> we've moved up in the world. anyway. we asked about chartreuse. and look what -- this is what it is. >> so they are right. and i rarely am wrong. but i am today. i thought chartreuse was this hot pink all these years.
2:18 am
>> me too. who knew? >> not my favorite, but anyway, two ladies randomly picked off the plaza are getting primped and pampered. they are just about ready to reveal their hot new looks. >> i wonder if they are in chartreuse. >> i'm sure they are. >> and he's up to no good in his latest film. i love this guy. i love this movie. but we're going to show some big love anyway. >> actor bill paxton is here. he's going to speak with us right after this.
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actor and director and all-around good by bill paxton has starred in blockbusters like "aliens" and "twister." >> and he's earned three golden globe nominations playing a man with three wives on the critically acclaimed series "big love." >> now he's being described as deliciously oily. >> and that's the best -- >> in his latest film "two guns" he plays a mysterious cia hire named earl who enjoys a slick game of russian roulette. >> who doesn't? >> you'll love this scene. take a look. >> you ever play russian
2:21 am
roulette? the thing is, most people put the gun on the table. well, that's just stupid. you blow a man's head off before he's had a chance to tell you what you want to know. >> oh. >> that's what we're talking about. >> he thinks denzel's got like 43 million bucks, right? >> 43.125 million. >> which you tell them every time, don't forget the 125. but then you point it some place else, don't you? you say where's my money. and denzel says -- >> it's not down there. and i say, you sure? something he improvised, which is great. >> he improvised that? >> yeah. >> that's great. >> he's very light on his feet. he's quite nimble. and i think he has fun going up and down the notes of a scene. keeps it fresh. >> is it fun to react when someone is playing that way? >> oh, yeah.
2:22 am
i had to shoot that scene my very first day of filming, which was a little intimidating -- >> why? you've worked with huge stars. >> i have a lot of admiration and respect for denzel and mark. you're always a little bit nervous. >> it's a great cast. when you watch this movie what i love about it is you think it's one of those movies, action, buddy guy thing. this place takes you around curves and then back again upside down and you kind of -- it's kind of, whoa, i better not just eat the popcorn. maybe better think this through. everybody is not who they seem to be, bill paxton. >> well, it's a little bit perverse. it's got definitely a very perverse sense of humor. and it's kind of a throwback to some of the action movies from the '70s. there was a movie called "charley varrick." the part i play is like joe don from? >> the dialogue was very flowery even though the guy was suppose texas. he dt started watching a bunch
2:23 am
d utube interviews with tennessee williams. >> you did? shock people. people who are shocked by the truth are undeserving of the truth. the truth is something that one must deserve. so i started pyiund with that and -- >> that's what's fun about acting, though, right? >> oh, yeah. >> when you firsthisw script, did you know immediately this was something you were going to be interested in? >> i thought they had made a mistake. but it's happened to me before. i've gotten a script, and i read a role. i get really excited. they go oh, no, they want you to play the sheriff. i'm like, i'm not going to do that. but i was really excited because this is a chance for me to show audiences kind of where i came from. >> you mix it up so well in your career. you really do. that's what's so smart. the actor you love the most and haven't had a chance to work with yet? >> jack nicholson. >> come on, jack. jack watches us every morning. make a plea. >> come on, jack. the man wants to work with you. >> thank you, sweetie. good luck with the film.
2:24 am
>> thank you. >> and the movie opens nationwide tomorrow. >> check it out. >> you'll really, really enjoy it. thank you. are you ready to meet a groovy granny? >> and i'm not talking about me. >> this one's got some swagger. and she loves miley cyrus. >> she's webtastic. ♪ we consume over two ion ps of coffee 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks cos,min makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that?
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♪ i'm on the edge ♪ of glory it is time for "webtastic" when our very own sara haines digs up the next video you'll want to share with your friends. and watch over and over and over. >> i hear you have a grandma who likes to shake things up a bit. >> yes. you're not the only one, kath. we don't think you've ever seen a grandma/grandson duo break it down quite like this. check it out. ♪ it's our party, we can do what we want ♪ >> this is really cute. ♪ >> miley.
2:29 am
♪ >> this is 21-year-old austin sparkman and his 67-year-old grandma, which isn't even that old. >> that's all she is? oh, my gosh. shaking it up, granny. >> the cutest part is that's literally his best friend he out with friends he'd rather be >> you can see why. >> it's not their first video. with her because she's so cool. it took all of one second to get her to do this. it's a hidden gem, though. it only has about 500 hits. but -- >> this one is going to be -- >> yeah. >> but how cute is that? >> is that all we get to see? >> yeah. otherwise, you have to pay. >> i can't believe she knows all the words to miley's song. >> i'm sure she had to practice that a little bit. but that's not their first video. they've done a bunch. >> she's a pro. >> love you, sara. thanks, sweetheart. coming up, two ladies in our plaza have been ambushed and are ready to sport their hot new makeovers for the first time. >> and our "everyone has a story" winner who is using his illness to save other lives. you're not going to want to miss this. he's going to pay it forward. >> we'll meet him and all of his family, all of this coming up after your local news and weather.
2:30 am
how sweet.
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2:32 am
we're back on this thirsty thursday with another installment of our plaza ambush makeover. we plucked two lucky ladies off the plaza and surprised them with a brand new look. >> but first, today is a very big day here at nbc news. we have a new fearless leader. and she happens -- there she is. her name is deborah. and she is so much fun. >> let me tell you why we like her because look what's in her hand. >> this woman brings it and plays ping-pong with us. we love her. she's smart. >> she's a tough cookie and gives big hugs around the place. we can't hear you. we can't lip read. but we love you. >> cheers. >> welcome. >> oh, good. all the best. >> she's a drinker. >> great success to her. >> all right. our resident ambush makeover team is also here.
2:33 am
"today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la make up some time. and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch," jill martin. >> how was it today on the plaza? >> good. prerain. perfect timing. we found two great ladies. wait until you see them. >> first one up is joyce flossen. she's 58 years old from wisconsin. >> i love her. >> i've always loved joyce, too. she has not had a proper haircut since she was in the sixth grade. >> wow. >> she was nervous but excited for an opportunity to get a brand new look. let's take a listen to her story. >> this is going to be one of our most dramatic ever because you decided to cut your hair today because we asked you. >> today. and i'm pretty nervous about it. but you know, i thought, hey, a makeover on the "today" show. what can say no? >> i don't blame you. you haven't cut it since sixth grade? >> sixth grade. >> she had a perm like 15 years ago and other than that, this has been my mother's hair my entire life.
2:34 am
>> i cannot wait. louis cannot wait. are you freaking out or -- >> i'm a little nervous. i'm a little nervous about letting go of the hair. >> oh, my gosh. okay. her daughter sarah is prepared. you ready? >> i think so. >> please keep your blindfold on until i give you the green light. okay. here is joyce slauson before. all right, joyce. let's see the new you. come on out. ♪ >> oh! >> oh, yeah. >> all right. are you ready? okay. sarah, take off your blindfold. >> mom! oh, my god, you look fantastic! 20 years younger. >> aw. okay, i'm going to get the kleenex. joyce, you want to see yourself? >> sure. >> okay. you ready? >> right here, sweetie. >> oh, my god. >> stand right next to me. >> oh, my god. i look like you, honey. >> that's a good thing. >> oh, my gosh.
2:35 am
>> you look fantastic. why don't you look right there at camera 12, joyce? tell us, louis, about the hair. >> with joyce, number one, arsene's dream, to be able to cut that much hair. well, look how much. and by the way, her mom, who i'm sorry to say recently passed, but it was her dream that you would give your hair and donate it. and we will ship it the minute we're off air. just so you know. to locks of love. >> yeah. >> with that, this is just a bob but longer in the front to make it very, very chic. bobs are not boring. look at what we did to the color. she's still a blond but i left it bright in the front and darker in the back. >> what do you think? >> she looks absolutely amazing. i am so happy, mom. i was worried about all of that hair going. jil she looks hot i leather. look at the body on this woman. >> look at the body. the jeans are white house, black market. we wanted to give her a great leather jacket. >> you guys can walk right over
2:36 am
there, sweetie. walk right that way. >> this way, mom. >> our second lady is sandy, 65, from hail's location, new hampshire. she's had the same look for so long that even her 104-year-old friend betty begged her to change it up. so she jumped at the chance to get a makeover. let's listen to her story. >> please help me. i've been doing my wife's hair for 15 years. how do you first of all know how to do her hair? >> well, i don't know. i just started doing it because she liked -- didn't like it at the salon as well as she did at home. so -- >> so you cut and color? >> well, her hair has been long all the time, so i just kind of trim it if it's getting frizzy. and then do the coloring. >> this is quite the process. i'd love to know what you do in return for him. dare i ask? >> well -- >> i'm not sure of that. >> on that note, this is going in the wrong direction. so are you ready for a little
2:37 am
louis licari? >> yes, i am. ♪ la, la, la, la, la >> she is here with that amazing saint of a husband steve. take one last look at sandy before. and where -- okey-doke. come on out, sandy. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, my god! >> wow, wow, wow! >> wow! >> steve, i hope you're not wearing a pacemaker. steve, take off the blindfold and look at your woman. >> wow! fantastic. >> sandy, you're -- >> yes, better than mine. better than mine. >> sandy, take a look at yourself. you're not going to believe how beautiful you are. >> oh, my gosh. oh, wow. i love it! >> that is sensational. >> i love it. >> turn right around and look at camera 12, hon. >> oh, my -- >> oh, he's coming over.
2:38 am
you're dying. >> wow. >> you're out of a job, honey. >> yes, i was just going to say, i don't like the idea of my competition having air time. can you get him off? >> louis, you obviously -- did arsene do that haircut? >> of course it's an arsene haircut. simple, chic, but look at the style he added with a few details. >> look right here. >> what we did here to add more contrast to the skin, i added depth to the hair and, of course, it was all brought together with the makeup. >> gorgeous job. and, jill, that dress -- i want that dress. >> our producer kate and i picked out a different one. she said not really. i'd like something in color. she picked this one. it's by maggie london. >> she was right. oh, my. great job. >> wow. >> all right. we have a great story for you coming up, everybody. this one has love. let's put it that way. wonderful outcome.
2:39 am
"everyone has a story" right after this. >> nice job. tes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. with one a day vitacraves for men. it's a gummy multivitamin with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. one a day vitacraves for men.
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♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ ♪ and then it's suddenly clear ♪ in that moment it is time for "everyone has a story." today we meet our newest contest winner. he is howard romanoff. and he was diagnosed with a serious illness but was fortunate enough to get a second chance at life. >> now howard and his family are hoping to save more lives and help others. we're going to meet the romanoff family in a moment but first, here's howard's story. >> i was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in october 2007. i was otherwise healthy and a nonsmoker. i was told to expect the disease to make my lungs fibrotic, that they would stop functioning in three to five years, at which point i would require a lung transplant in order to breathe. the timing was accurate and just shy of four years after being on oxygen 24/7 for a while, i was placed on the waiting list for a life-saving double lung the six-month wait was filwith
2:44 am
transplant in time to save my life? august 2011 at new york presbyterian hospital, columbia university medical center in new york city. i was one of the lucky ones, as my family and i learned more about this debilitating disease, we learned about the dire shortage of available organs and the number of deaths as a result of this shortage. the limiting factor in saving lives is in many cases the lack of organs due to the low number of registered organ donors. throughout the five years of my illness, surgery, and recovery we have had continued support and love from a large circle of family and friends. we feel deeply about the strength of this support and helping in my recovery and the ability to reachpoins where we can now pay forward some of what we've learned from this experience. carol, alexis, brit, and i along with our family and friends have
2:45 am
initiated the outreach of share life. we hope this effort will inform and educate others, increase enrollment as organ donors and provide many others the opportunity to receive life-saving organ and tissue transplants. >> that's beautifully done. >> wow. and you can tell why we picked your story, howard, because it's beautifully written and your heart -- i know about the lungs, but your heart really shows through that whole thing as well. you know, so -- >> and howard is here with his wife carol -- >> carol and son brett and daughter alexis. great to have you all. >> hi. >> such a loving family. >> i am so into this family already. how are you feeling, by the way? >> i'm feeling great. >> yeah p. >> it's -- next week will be two years. and we've had our ups and downs in adjusting medications and such, but right now i'm really, really great. >> we didn't see a lot of pictures of you going through your treatment. and that was on purpose, wasn't it? >> you want to tell us about that? >> we felt very strongly that that period when howard wasn't well, we just -- we needed to
2:46 am
hunker down and take care of howard and take care of ourselves and get through it. >> be positive. >> and be as positive as we could. >> how was the waiting game, kids? i know waiting for an organ, a call about an organ must have been excruciating for you guys, for the whole family. >> you know, there was a lot that we couldn't control. and i think we really focused on just being a family. we spent a lot of quality time together in the hospital, unfortunately. >> when you got the call -- when you guys got the call about the organ -- >> the whole process is so emotionally and physically draining that you just rely so much on one another. and that's kind of how you -- >> what a great family. my gosh. >> amazing family. photogenic beyond belief. central casting. a song just for you and a performance by broadway's joe dellinger right after this. ♪ good morning, everyone.
2:47 am
i'm meteorologist crystal egger. and your seven-day forecast for the first week of august, more of the same. just like we saw in july. temperatures stay below average today in parts of the east. and most of the severe weather is going to be up across the high plains. 80 in chicago. 80 in minneapolis. that is below average. ab city. a nice warm day in atlanta, near 90 degrees this afternoon. the hottest weather across texas, oklahoma, arkansas, and louisiana really feeling the heat. we've got some heat advisories out. high humidity and some hot air. so be safe. keep it cool. stay hydrated. you know the drill. as far as tomorrow goes, severe weather moves back into parts of southern missouri. st. louis. we want you to be aware of the possibility of severe weather. kansas city area. looking at mainly some thunderstorms. and then moving across the northeast will be some rain showers as we head into the afternoon. 77 in new york. so that's going to keep the temperatures down. so your first part of the weekend on saturday doesn't look as nice in the northeast. but then we get rid of most of
2:48 am
the rain on sunday. lingering showers across northern new england, drying out in the mid-atlantic. rain moves into the southeast. in atlanta we've got about a 20% chance of an isolated shower on sunday. and then up across the northern plains more scattered storms. doesn't look like we'll go severe this time around. on monday scattered rain once again in the southeast. you get the picture here, more of the same with each day as far as some of the areas where we're unsettled and we get the severe weather and the isolated thunderstorms. 78 in chicago on tuesday. 77 in boston. dry in the west. not a lot to talk about there. wednesday we're looking at more showers across the midsection of the country. drying in the southeast, including atlanta. 78 in new york city on wednesday. and more wet weather for the east later next week. remember, you can get the latest weather weekday mornings. "wake up with al." what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee
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♪ everyone has a moment
2:51 am
that changes their life ♪ we're back with our special series "everyone has a story" honoring the romanoff family. >> hey. >> we're in the dark. don't mind us. we've lost power but let's continue. >> we're having a kumbaya moment. now it's time to hear the song david friedman and i wrote just for you. and here to sing it in the light -- >> oh, there is light. >> wonderful broadway performer including "scandalous," i love this man, joe dellger. the song is called "life is a gift." ♪ ♪ ♪ so many things we take for granted
2:52 am
like breathing out and breathing in ♪ ♪ so many blessings that go uncounted if we could count them where would we begin ♪ ♪ we live our days just running and racing until at last those days run out ♪ ♪ before that day that we'll all be facing will we acknowledge what life's all about ♪ ♪ life is a gift and life is a gift worth living ♪ ♪ life is a gift and life is a gift worth giving ♪ ♪ so many ways to make our lives better
2:53 am
if we would make just one simple choice ♪ ♪ to understand we're in this together and give the gift the gift of life ♪ ♪ as we rise up and say with one voice life is a gift and life is a gift worth living ♪ ♪ life is a gift and life is a gift worth giving ♪ ♪ and so when we take our last breath we can be sure without any doubt ♪ ♪ someone will receive that wonderful gift
2:54 am
of breathing in and breathing out ♪ >> joe dellger, everybody. [ applause ] beautiful. we'll be back with a surprise. special surprise. first, this is "today" on nbc. nice job, joe. ♪ life is a gift and life is a gift worth living ♪
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
♪ life is a gift and life is a gift worth living ♪ we're back with "everyone has a story." honoring a very special family. >> joe dellger just performed "life is a gift" for howard, his wife carol and his children brett and alexis.
2:58 am
also with us is composer extraordinaire. did you guys enjoy the song? >> it was unbelievable. it brings you back to a lot of our experiences over the last couple of years. >> we want to talk about your organization in just a second but we want to give you a little something. we like to give away a little prize. so we're going to give you a little special gift. we know you don't get to spend a lot of time together as a family. we reached out to the folks at the radisson warwick hotel in philadelphia. they've given you a couple nights there. and a deluxe family suite. complimentary breakfast in the morning. tickets on trolley tours. and sightseeing. >> hopefully you still like each other after the day. >> tell us about your organization. that's really important to you guys. >> well, we've started share life as a vehicle to help educate and make people aware of the severe problem in the country. there's over 118,000 people waiting for an organ today.
2:59 am
a new name is added to the list every ten minutes. but the problem is that 20 people die every single day because -- >> needing one.enou organs to g. >> and lungs are especially rare. only 20% of those will -- >> right. >> most people only think about it when they renew a driver's license. they ask you to check whether or not you want to be an organ donor. >> there is so information about their amazing organization. so much information about it on our website. so go to >> and read it all. you guys are doing great work. >> yeah. so glad you could be with us today. >> and our website is >> you got it. >> and a lot of information there. >> yep. we're all linked up, howard. we're family now. may not be happy about that, but we are. >> all right. tomorrow the easiest ways to house hunt. >> plus how to deal with the most stressful times of the week. >> and what is it about all those infused wines? we're going to taste test some. >> i knew it. >> it's going to be a good day. >> have a good thirsty thu
3:00 am
felder. how do you end up in the eagles? >> wow, that's a really good question. behind the hotel crashing. chain his own jeff rocky ride to fame. breaking up as every hour. jef jeff: jeff:he plays live. hello, hello! [ applause ] roll it! all right. a little about me. recently married. i work with my wife on this show. be a dadearning how to to two amazing kids in a blended family. hosting a talk show 'ca


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